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"We are certainly in the midst of changing attitudes to healthcare. A growing number of people are reclaiming their personal power and health, through the use of natural, psychospiritual and wholistic therapies - as healthier alternatives to drug-based treatment.

Phila Hoopes has done a wonderful job of compiling a broad range of empowering, practical, soulful and natural approaches that should greatly help people to cope with the stresses and symptoms arising from anxiety and panic.

She has put a great deal of care, work and thought into this creative self-help manual and I heartily recommend it to anyone seeking to work through panic, or anxiety in ways that nurture and honour the body and psyche’s shared journey toward health and wholeness."

Dr Maureen B. Roberts BSc., BA(Hons), PhD, INPP Member
Soul-centred Psychiatric Therapist

What readers say about the e-book...
"After a devastating and traumatic life event, I began suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Having been diagnosed with depression many years ago, I was already on medications, so I asked my doctor to tweak them. Not much changed.

After consulting with Phila, I began to use some of the wonderful techniques she has offered in her helpful booklet. Deep breathing, mindfully recognizing that I am experiencing an anxiety attack, repeating my favorite prayer and communing more with nature (Yes, I have actually hugged a tree!) have helped me to decrease the number and severity of my attacks.

I choose to remain on my medications and supplement them with these effective tips. I am in a much happier place."

Gay Pinder, Baltimore
Thirty years of exploration and practice in personal growth and healing techniques, coupled with teachers from a range of traditions and a lifetime of spiritual study, supported Phila on her journey out of complex PTSD, depression and anxiety, and inspired her to share what she has learned.

Today, she supports others on their journey with on-site and remote energy work and educational and motivational talks.
Reiki Master Practitioner and spiritual edgewalker
About the Author,
Phila Hoopes
Identify the signs of anxiety or a panic attack
Defuse the attack on mind, body & spirit levels
Create habits to reduce or deflect further attacks
✓ Set up an environment that supports peace of mind
After reading this ebook, you’ll be able to:
30 Holistic Tools to Help You
Reclaim Your Life
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 Your Anxiety
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